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Preparation and Post Installation Care

  1. Measure: Each roll is 1 square yard, or 9 square feet. Divide your desired square footage by 9 to figure the number of rolls needed.
  2. Soil preparation: For best results, rototill or spade the area. Eliminate drainage problems by having soil slope away from the foundation.
  3. Turf installation: Install your lawn immediately upon delivery or pickup. Begin watering within 30 minutes of installation. Sod is a living plant that requires ground contact and moisture to survive.
  4. Watering: Give your lawn at least 1 inch of water within 24 hours of installation. Water at least every other day the first two weeks after installation. Then, continue to water, but less frequently. A mature Kentucky blue grass plant will have 12″ deep roots. Harvesting it into sod cuts those roots down to just 1-2″. It needs lots of water until it can reestablish its roots.